Can You Listen to Music with a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Can You Listen to Music with a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

Can you listen to music with a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet? Whether you’re using your motorcycle to commute to work or enjoy leisurely rides on the weekends, you might find yourself searching for an answer to this question.

Music is an intensive part of our lives. It lifts us when we’re down, brings us to tears after a tragedy, and makes everything more enjoyable. It’s unique to each person. Some people listen to music while exercising, reading, and traveling, while others listen to relax.

One of the best ways to travel is by motorcycle. Riding by yourself doesn’t require you to follow anyone else’s speed or direction, so it leaves you free to enjoy the ride simply.

The only disadvantage is that there’s no one to listen to your music with. Nevertheless, this can be improved with a motorcycle Bluetooth helmet

Can You Listen to Music with a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Sure, you can listen to music with a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, but it can be challenging to figure out which helmet will best meet your needs. To help make the decision easier, read our quick guide on how to listen to music with a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Let me quickly introduce Bluetooth motorcycle helmets.

What is a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet has a built-in Bluetooth system for making phone calls or listening to music. All you need to do is pair it up with your device via Bluetooth and then listen wirelessly through your helmet speakers.

This helmet saves you from having to wear earphones under your helmet, which can be uncomfortable. It also means that if you’re riding with others, they won’t have difficulty hearing what you say on your call.

There are tons of motorcycle helmets that play music, and they all seem to offer different features. One handy feature that many riders want in their helmet is listening to music while riding without having to use their hands to operate an iPod or similar device.

We also recommend you read reviews of the best motorcycle helmets for listening to music before making your purchase.

How does a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Work?

The short answer is that these helmets are essentially just like any other helmet, except they have speakers and receivers built-in. The speakers allow you to listen to music while riding your motorcycle. These motorcycle helmets with built-in intercom systems enable you to receive phone calls.

Even though Bluetooth connections are generally more secure than wired connections, it’s recommended that motorcyclists don’t rely on their helmets for phone calls while driving. There are plenty of headsets out there with noise-cancelling features that will be easier on your ears while riding.

How does a Bluetooth Helmet Work

It’s also important not to wear earbuds while riding. It may seem tempting, but it can cause hearing damage or be incredibly distracting if one falls out or you need to adjust them mid-ride.

Many wireless helmets do not have dedicated speakers for music, so they’ll transmit any sound from your phone through your headset or helmet speakers. Most of these systems use bone conduction technology rather than speakers, which means you can’t share music between riders.

Find a helmet with dedicated speaker chambers if you want to listen to music on both sides of your helmet. And make sure it’s safe for everyone else on the road.

Wearing headphones while riding is illegal in most states. With most Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, you’ll be able to control volume and skip tracks directly from your headset, saving yourself some important seconds in an emergency.

Best Way to Listen to Music While Riding

While riding on your motorcycle, you must have complete control of your environment. When you’re out on the road, numerous distractions could be dangerous for you and others on your trip, which is why wearing a helmet is extremely important for both safety and comfort.

However, some riders worry about listening to music while they ride because helmets don’t typically allow earbuds or headphones. But how can you listen to music if your helmet doesn’t have an audio system?

Well, there are many different options for listening to music without taking off your helmet. Here are the popular methods for enjoying your favorite tunes while still staying safe.

1. Stereo System

Stereo systems for motorcycles are great options. Stereo systems use speakers and special wiring kits to create an audio experience much like you would have in your car or at home. Many systems can easily fit into your helmet, making it easy to listen to music while riding a motorcycle.

When choosing your motorcycle stereo system, consider that battery life is often an issue on bikes, especially if you’re far from civilization. That means you might not be able to listen to music for long periods without recharging.

Other considerations include using FM signals instead of AM because it can be difficult for riders to hear AM stations clearly because of wind noise and engine sounds.

2. Use Earbuds While Riding a Motorcycle

If you’re wearing a motorcycle helmet and want to listen to music, your safest bet is most likely earbuds. Plugs and in-ear monitors can fall out when you’re moving around, but soft, flexible earbuds stay put pretty well. A helmet liner also helps keep them in place if they do start to slip out.

Some earbuds may not fit properly if they aren’t explicitly designed for helmets.

While there are laws in place that make using earbuds while riding your motorcycle illegal, it’s still not uncommon for people to use them. While law enforcement can often spot helmet riders who are wearing their buds, you should be aware of how dangerous it is, not only for yourself but for other drivers on the road.

3. Use a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The best way to listen to music while riding is to purchase a helmet with Bluetooth technology. This way, you can listen to music and not risk having an accident due to distractions. Riders typically enjoy listening to music while they ride because it helps them forget their worries and cruise along.

The problem is that many helmets do not have aux or CD players built into them, so riders cannot hear their favorite tunes while they are riding their bikes.

However, suppose your helmet has Bluetooth technology. In that case, you can connect your phone directly onto your helmet so that you can hear all of your favorite songs without any interruptions from cell phones or any other distractions.

Following are the best-selling Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

What Music Should You Listen to While Riding?

There’s no right or wrong answer here. It comes down to your preference, what you think will keep you focused, and whether or not you think it’ll annoy other drivers.

Studies have found that aggressive or angry music leads to increased aggression (including road rage) and other negative behaviors. Selecting soothing music leads to calmer emotions and can help reduce anxiety when riding in heavy traffic or unfamiliar areas.

Personally, I like listening to podcasts when I ride since they’re interesting and easily digestible. The only downside is that if something grabs my attention, I might miss important road information like stop signs and signals.

Riders need to be aware of their state of mind while behind the handlebars, so a variety of different genres can be beneficial when driving alone or with others, depending on your mood at any given time.

Pros and Cons of Listening to Music on your Motorcycle

Some people say that listening to music while riding is very dangerous and that your focus should always be on driving. Others disagree, saying that they ride better and enjoy longer rides more when listening to music.

The only natural way you can know for sure if music makes you a safer rider is by testing it yourself. If you’re going on a long ride, take one route without any music and another route with your favorite playlist playing through your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

See which one allows you to pay more attention and be more present during your entire ride. The results may surprise you.

How to Pick a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How to pair Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets?
The first step is going to be turning on your helmet. All of these helmets offer different methods for doing so. On some, you’ll need to press a button or turn a dial located somewhere on the helmet.

Others will automatically begin warming up as soon as you put them on, but they’ll also often include indicators letting you know when they’re ready.

If you notice any lights flashing or colors changing inside your helmet, pay attention as those are usually indicators that it’s time to pair it up with something else, in our case, our phone or music player of choice. Most helmets feature an outside indicator light, letting you know when they’re paired and ready for use.

Q. Is it safe to listen to music on a motorcycle?
Yes, it is perfectly safe. The long answer, however, involves more details. There are two types of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets: half-helmet or full-face helmets. A full-face helmet includes protection around your face and head, while a half-helmet only covers your head.

If you are riding your bike with a full-face helmet, make sure that you avoid listening to music through headphones since it will impair your hearing ability when driving on rough roads or when an emergency occurs, leading to serious injury or death.

Instead, look for headphones that connect to speakers within your helmet.

Q. Is it legal to listen to music on a motorcycle?
Certain states prohibit operating motorcycles or riding as a passenger while listening to music. Whether it’s legal for you depends on your state’s laws, which are always subject to change.

Before riding, check your state’s department of motor vehicles website for up-to-date information on motorcycle helmet laws, headphones use rules, and other relevant motor vehicle regulations. Also, consider speaking with local police departments directly about any questions you have.

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