Bike Helmets for Big Heads

8 Best Bike Helmets for Big Heads ✔️ (2023 Picks)

Bike riders often struggle with finding the perfect helmet size, especially when they have large heads. Different bike helmet sizes are available, but large and extra-large sizes are most suitable for big heads. Therefore, knowing your head size is crucial before choosing the right helmet.

Safety is the primary purpose of a helmet, but there are many other benefits as well. For example, you may think that I have a large head. How can I choose the right helmet? In this article, you will come across some of the best bike helmets for big heads.

I compiled a list of the 8 bike helmets for big heads after researching several helmets and their reviews. Besides being suitable for large heads, they are also lightweight, comfortable, protective, and beautifully constructed.

After reading this article, you can easily find a quality helmet, as I’ve included a complete buying guide at the end as well.

Top 8 Best Bike Helmets for Big Heads

Take a look and find the best bike helmet for your large head from the following list.

1. KINGBIKE Ultralight Bike Helmets for Big Heads

KINGBIKE Ultralight Bike Helmets for Big Heads

We begin our list with the KingBike Ultralight Bike Helmet. Its unique design makes it stand out from other bike helmets. In addition, this bike helmet comes in a variety of colors, and both men and women can wear it.

When choosing a bike helmet, safety should be the primary consideration. Thankfully, this helmet is safe and secured for riding a bike. With the helmet, you get an in-mold polycarbonate shell with an EPS lining. Its construction makes it durable, providing adequate protection for your head.

This helmet has a lightweight design, which is why most bikers prefer it. Even during longer rides, you will have no problem wearing this helmet.

The 24 vents of this helmet provide further comfort. Fresh air is circulated within the helmet through these vents, thus regulating the helmet’s temperature. Therefore, the rider remains cool and enjoys the journey.

The helmet is included in this list as it comfortably fits big heads. You can choose from either large or extra-large sizes. After selecting the proper size, you can customize the fit by using the adjustable dial.

The helmet features a rear LED light that enhances safety. The light can be turned on or flashed. The LED flashing can be fast or slow, depending on your ride. You can ride even at night with this feature.

With this bike helmet, you can ride in any weather condition. The visor protects your eyes from rain, sun, debris, and wind. Moreover, the helmet comes with a backpack that makes it easy to carry a helmet when parked.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • LED flashing light
  • Ample ventilation
  • Visor integration
  • Portable backpack
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • A wide array of colors
  • Chinstrap is not comfortable

2. Giro Fixture MIPS Cycling Helmet

Giro Fixture MIPS Cycling Helmet

Here is my favorite dirt bike helmet for big heads from a famous helmet brand. The reason for including this helmet in a list is not that it is a favorite but rather that it fits snugly on big heads. Many adults love this bike helmet because of its quality features within a budget.

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Compared to other bike helmets, this one offers superior protection and has been tested in the lab. The helmet includes a polycarbonate outer shell to protect your head. Impact-absorbing EPS foam is bonded to the outer shell. This helmet’s in-mold construction makes it highly protective and lightweight.

The MIPS technology further enhances the protection of this bike helmet. This technology reduces the rotational forces transferred to the rider’s head during impacts.

Wearing this helmet will provide you with extreme comfort while riding a bike. The helmet has 18 vents to allow fresh air in and warm air out.

The real beauty of this 64cm bike helmet lies in its size. It comes in a universal fit size that fits men and women. Therefore, various head sizes can wear this bike helmet comfortably. Even if your head is large, you can still use a Roc Loc adjustment system to get a custom fit. Furthermore, this helmet is perfect for long hair due to its ponytail compatibility.

  • Solid construction
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Roc Loc fit system
  • MIPS protection
  • Comfortable
  • Ponytail compatible
  • Unisex design
  • Straps are not much durable

3. Obsidian Airflow Bike Helmet for Larger Heads

Obsidian Airflow Bike Helmet for Larger Heads

For bikers, the Obsidian Airflow Bike Helmet is an all-in-one package. By choosing this bike helmet, you will get maximum protection and comfort. There are two colors to choose from, and the helmet fits any head size.

The brand manufactures this helmet to provide advanced safety to the rider’s head and brain. The outer polycarbonate shell is molded with the skeleton, and the EPS foam is added to keep you safe while cycling. Despite the thinner padding, this bike helmet is still capable of performing well.

In addition to providing adequate protection, the helmet is also comfortable to wear. Twenty-two air vents are strategically placed to maximize airflow across your head. With such sturdy construction and solid ventilation, you will undoubtedly enjoy your journey.

This bike helmet is available in different sizes. Select the size that corresponds to your head circumference. The back of the helmet has a dial that you can use to adjust the helmet vertically and horizontally. So, the helmet will fit snugly around your head, allowing you to pass your ponytail through it.

The helmet also features a padded chin strap. It is easy to tighten the chin strap so that the helmet is more comfortable. In addition, the chin strap is quick-release to make the helmet take off much more accessible.

The glossy finish offers a classy look for mountain bike riding and commuting. This XXL bicycle helmet comes with a 2-years warranty as well. Under 100$, it offers remarkable features that make it a perfect road bike helmet for big heads.

  • Excellent protection
  • Durable
  • Stylish design
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Quick-release chin strap
  • Superb ventilation
  • Cost-effective
  • 2-years warranty
  • Sun visor is not much usable

4. Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

The next bike helmet we have chosen is the Giro Register MIPS Cycling Helmet. This iconic helmet is also affordable and comes in a wide range of colors. The lightweight design and safety features set it apart from other mountain bike helmets for big heads.

Its hard polycarbonate outer shell offers protection from abrasions. Shell is molded with a soft foam liner to absorb impacts. This type of construction makes this bike helmet perform well during accidents.

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In addition to this solid construction, the helmet also possesses a multi-directional impact protection system. MIPS technology redirects the energy of a crash and keeps you safe while keeping the helmet lightweight.

The best feature of this bike helmet is its universal fit. Unlike other bike helmets, you don’t have to worry about the size of the XL bike helmet because one size fits all. There is a Roc Loc fit system for adjusting the helmet fit by turning an adjustment dial. Large heads will find this helmet a great fit due to this feature.

As far as comfortability is concerned, I don’t think any other helmet will be more comfortable than it. With 22 vents, this bike helmet keeps your head cool and dry by circulating air around your head.

Moreover, the padding of a helmet is quick-drying so that you can wear it even during hot weather. There is also a removable visor on the helmet, which improves your vision. Finally, select the color that best matches your bike.

  • MIPS integration
  • Excellent protection
  • Superb ventilation
  • Comfortable
  • Quick-dry padding
  • One size fits all
  • Lightweight design
  • Roc-Loc adjustment system
  • Multiple colors
  • Removable visor
  • No major cons

5. Exclusky Adult Bike Helmet for Men and Women

Exclusky Adult Bike Helmet for Men and Women

Next, we have the stylish and unique Exclusky Adult Bike Helmet. This helmet is available in two sizes: medium and large, but the large size fits most people with big heads. Modern features enhance the riding experience with this bike helmet.

The helmet is simply outstanding in terms of safety. In-mold technology is used to manufacture this helmet. The outer polycarbonate shell is resistant to abrasion and slides during accidents to protect the rider’s head. Additionally, the inner high-density EPS foam absorbs impact forces.

You should measure your head’s circumference before choosing a helmet. The same is also true for this adult bike helmet, especially if you have a large head. A dial fit system, however, can help you customize the fit of the helmet.

It is lightweight, so you can travel comfortably while wearing it. The padding is soft and cushioned and can also be removed and washed. Due to the moisture-wicking padding, you won’t feel much moisture around your head while wearing this bike helmet.

Also, the chin pad is comfortable and wicks away moisture, keeping you cool. Combined with multiple vents, such padding makes this bike helmet highly breathable.

Its detachable rear light is one of its remarkable features. There are three modes of operation for this rear light: rotating, stable, and flashing. One button allows you to toggle between different modes quickly. The light improves visibility and allows you to ride at night.

  • In-mold construction
  • Strong outer shell
  • Comfortable padding
  • Detachable rear light
  • Breathable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Dial adjustment system
  • Multiple colors
  • Problems with LED light

6. VICTGOAL Extra Large Bike Helmet

VICTGOAL Extra Large Bike Helmet

VICTGOAL bike helmet is designed for both men and women and is size adjustable. This helmet can easily fit on heads up to 61cm. Beautiful colors and a stylish design make this helmet an excellent option for big heads.

With its PC case and EPS lining, this helmet is one of the safest options on the market as far as safety is concerned. It weighs only 0.68 pounds, which makes it one of the best lightweight helmets available.

Its design features 28 vents for proper ventilation so that you can wear it comfortably even on the hottest days. It is equipped with a magnetic visor that protects against dust and the sun. The liner is removable, so it can be easily cleaned whenever the user wishes.

You can also wear glasses with this bike helmet. You can adjust the straps of a helmet to make it fit better. The brand keeps the straps reflective for increased safety. As a result, the rider will be visible at night and remain safe.

A flashing LED light is one of its valuable features that may prove helpful at night. This way, you can signal other riders, especially in rain or fog, for a little bit more protection. A portable bag is included with this helmet so that you can easily take it outside with you.

  • Size adjustable
  • Super lightweight
  • Solid construction
  • Flashing LED light
  • Magnetic visors provide a clear vision.
  • Proper ventilation
  • Reflective straps
  • The visor is not scratch-resistant

7. Giro Chronicle MIPS Bike Helmet

Giro Chronicle MIPS Bike Helmet

In the course of your riding journey, you may have picked out this helmet at some point. This helmet is of the highest quality, so it’s worth the investment. Furthermore, the brand’s popularity attracts the attention of many cyclists.

This MIPS helmet is suitable for gravel riding from a well-known brand. This Giro Chronicle is one of the affordable options among bicycle helmets.

This versatile shape provides comfort to the head and can be easily adjusted to fit different head sizes. So if your head circumference is up to 65cm, you may go with this option. However, you may also choose other sizes.

As for the safety standards, this bike helmet incorporates MIPS, which protects your head against hard impacts in a much more effective manner. Also, the in-mold construction fuses a polycarbonate outer shell with EPS foam to keep you safe during a crash.

Utilizing the Roc Loc 5 adjustment system, you can further adjust this helmet even with one hand after choosing the right size for your head.

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The XL bike helmet fits slightly above your head and allows fresh air to pass through. It has 14 vents and Coolmax padding that keep the temperature cool even on hot days.

Giro Chronicle Bike Helmet features an adjustable plus visor. One hand is enough to lift it or lower it, so you get a good view and put your goggles on top.

  • MIPS integration
  • In-mold construction
  • Wind tunnel ventilation
  • Fit well
  • Excellent protection
  • POV visor
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Lack of bottom wrapping

8. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet

Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet

Our last but not least bike helmet is the Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Helmet. The beautifully styled helmet is suitable for both bikers and skaters. It is specific for kids above five, but adults can quickly wear this helmet without any discomfort.

Accidents cannot be prevented, so a helmet that meets safety standards is necessary. The Triple Eight helmet is dual certified and one of the safest options for biking, skateboarding, and one-wheeling.

A hard ABS outer shell is used to ensure the helmet can withstand impacts. The inner EPS foam liner provides additional protection by absorbing the impacts.

It is available in several colors so that riders can choose the one that best suits their tastes. This extra-large bike helmet is available in six different sizes. Selecting the perfect size is very important, especially when you have a large head because its inner padding might be uncomfortable if you wear the incorrect size.

This 68cm bike helmet has holes on the top for ventilation and proper breathing, as well as an adjustable chin strap. A quick-release buckle is included on the chin strap. The pads are equipped with moisture-absorbent properties and are removable.

  • Dual-certified
  • Multi-purpose
  • Good ventilation
  • Excellent protection
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Cost-effective
  • Inner padding might cause pain

Helmets Buying Guide for Large Heads

It’s challenging to choose the best helmet when you have a variety of options. Consider the following factors before buying a bike helmet for big heads that will suit your needs.

Shape and Size

It is essential to choose the correct size of a bike helmet before buying it. Helmets typically come in different sizes. However, there is no problem with any of the helmets mentioned above fitting big heads. That’s why it’s important to measure your head’s circumference accurately and choose the right size.

The shape of the helmet is also essential, as some are rounded while others are oval. If you have a round head, you should consider the helmet’s shape before buying it.

Comfort Fitting and Adjustability

A helmet that fits you perfectly needs to be the right size for your head. Unless the helmet fits perfectly on your head, it will not provide adequate protection against hard impacts, so you should choose the helmet with a retention system.

Helmets have an adjustable dial-based retention system, and this is a crucial factor to consider, especially for those with large heads. Helmets should be elastic enough to don’t apply painful pressure, and the chin strap should provide maximum comfort.

Material and Construction

Most bicycle helmets for big heads are made of EPS (expanded polystyrene). This liner is worth considering before buying a helmet since it absorbs impact energy. You should check the outer shell and inner liner; they should be able to absorb hard hits.

Safety and Protection Features

Safety and security are some of the most critical factors never to overlook. Helmets should comply with safety standards, and all of the helmets mentioned above are certified. Road accidents are prevalent, and most helmets have technologies that focus on providing the best protection during crashes.

Helmets with other technologies, such as MIPS, provide better protection. MIPS helmets reduce rotational forces and the amount of energy transferred to the head. They also offer increased protection against head injuries.


Ventilation is a significant feature of the helmet, especially in hot weather. Keeping your head cool is achieved by allowing fresh air to pass through your head and dissipating heat through the helmet’s back.

Helmets with adequate ventilation are usually lightweight and, therefore, comfortable. Before choosing the best possible option, one should assess the ventilation system and the moisture-wicking pads.

Price and Worth

Before purchasing anything, most people consider its price first. Safety is almost guaranteed with any helmet, whether inexpensive or expensive, but some features are not available in cheap bike helmets. Therefore, you should choose an affordable helmet that meets your needs based on your budget.

Crash Replacement

A final option that you may want to consider is the company’s crash or damage replacement policy. Accidents can happen at any time, and many companies offer a replacement warranty or a discount for a new helmet.

Other Considerations

Those are all the important things that you should consider when buying a bike helmet for large heads, but there are some extra features you may want to consider as well. As you have a giant dome, you should focus on selecting a helmet that will easily fit on your crown.

Most riders would like to buy a colorful helmet with appealing visualization. Some people prefer visors on helmets for improved visibility. Many of the helmets can hold your sunglasses on the top of the vents.

Bike riders often want to buy helmets with big brands, so you may consider the brand before purchasing the best bicycle helmets for large heads.


While many brands do not manufacture helmets in large sizes (extra-large), all of the helmets reviewed above are available in large sizes, so even large heads can wear them comfortably. Thus, before buying any helmet, measuring your head since different brands have different sizes. Only by measuring your head can you choose the correct size.

I have done with the best possible bike helmets, and hopefully, it will help you buy the best helmet for your big head.

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