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Best Helmet for Supermoto that is Highly Protective

Whenever you are going to participate in supermoto motorcycle racing, you just can’t compromise on a helmet. The best helmet for supermoto is the one that protects you, fits snugly on your head, and keeps you comfortable throughout the ride.

I will not explain what supermoto is as everyone knows that it’s quite a dangerous type of motorcycle riding. During supermoto, you have to ride on different challenging tracks, and to ensure safety, a top-performing helmet is required.

So, if you are also a motocross rider and looking for the appropriate helmet, you are at the right place. This article includes some of the best helmets for supermoto and off-road riding. All the helmets will be top-quality and safety certified.

Best Helmet for Supermoto

Based on other rider’s reviews and quality features, I have a list of the 7 best helmets for supermoto. It’s time to start reading the review of each helmet to make a wise decision.

Best Overall
O’Neal 2SERIES Helmet

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  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable visor
  • Double-D chin strap
Editor’s Choice
Fox Racing V1 Helmet

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  • MIPS technology
  • Magnetic visor release
  • Beautiful Colors
Budget Pick
ILM Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

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  • Multi-purpose
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Dual visors

1. O’Neal Full-Face Sierra II Helmet

O'Neal Full-Face Sierra II Helmet

O’Neal is a famous brand in manufacturing motorcycle and cycle accessories. Whenever you look for any kind of motorcycle helmet, you will always find O’Neal helmets because of their quality products and trust.

O’Neal Adult Full-Face Helmet is number one on my list. This helmet is DOT and ECE certified and is eminently suitable for different ridings, including off-road riding and supermoto.

This full-face helmet has an ABS shell that is hard enough to resist impacts. This structure is very lightweight and will keep your head well protected during riding. In this way, you don’t feel much load on your head and remain secured.

The luxurious interior of this helmet will help you enjoy the ride. The inner liner of this unisex helmet is comfortable, and you don’t feel any moisture inside the helmet. You can also remove the inner padding and wash it whenever required. The chin strap is very comfortable with a double-D lock for safety.

There are several vents in this helmet for proper airflow. The fresh air will circulate all over the helmet through air channels for further comfort. Such ventilation provides adequate cooling during off-road riding in a hot temperature.

This helmet incorporates dual visors for much better vision and sun protection. You can also adjust the visor’s height to get a clearer view and shield the sun accordingly. In addition to this, there is a face shield with a fog-resistant lens.

This helmet comes in multiple sizes with only two colors. Based on all such factors and beautiful and stylish finishing, this is the best motorbike helmet.

  • Strong outer shell
  • Splendid interior
  • Dual certification
  • Double-D lock for secure fitting
  • Significant ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable visor
  • Fog-resistant shield
  • Multiple sizes
  • The helmet may run small (Choose the size correctly)

2. ILM Off-Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet

ILM Off-Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet

ILM is a rapidly growing helmet company in the world. Different helmets have different features, but this ILM off-road helmet is known for modern features and performance. All such attributes in a budget-friendly option.

This helmet is DOT approved, and one thing which makes this helmet favorable among riders is its multi-purpose aspect. You can use this dual sport helmet in different ways, like a full-face helmet, off-road helmet, or other types of ridings.

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Safety is the most critical factor while choosing a helmet. This helmet will never disappoint you as far as safety is concerned. ILM manufactures this helmet using an ABS shell and a high-density EPS inner foam liner.

Such a formation of this helmet makes it stand tall during accidents or impacts. The helmet will remain comfortable at the top of your head as it is exceptionally lightweight. While riding the motorcycle, you don’t feel much air resistance, and the helmet will remain in position.

The inner liner and ear pads of the helmet will keep you comfortable. You will get different size options in this helmet, but you can also remove the inner liners and pads for better adjustment.

The aerodynamic air circulation system of this helmet maintains the incredible atmosphere inside the helmet. There are vents at the front and the top of this helmet responsible for intake the fresh air and exhaust the hot air.

This ILM supermoto helmet comes with a dual visor layout. The outer visor offers great vision during riding, while the inner tinted visor protects your eyes against the sun. You may also check these motorcycle helmets with a tinted visor.

Both the visors are adjustable for better and clear coverage by properly shielding the sun rays. You can also remove or replace the visors by unscrewing them to use the helmet for multi-purpose.

Multiple color options are available in this helmet, and you can quickly put on or take off the helmet through the quick-release straps. A variety of functions and all that in a cost-effective product make this helmet the favorable option for supermoto.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Strong construction
  • Dual visors
  • DOT approved
  • Comfortable
  • Quick-release strap
  • Different colors and sizes
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Removable liner and pads
  • Anti-fog technology is not up to the mark

3. 1Storm Dual Sport Motocross Helmet

1Storm Dual Sport Motocross Helmet

This 1Storm Motocross Helmet is acceptable for casual road riding as well as off-road riding. This dual sport helmet has almost every feature you need for different kinds of ridings and all such in a cost-effective package.

1Storm full-face helmet is DOT approved and offers excellent protection during supermoto. The helmet has an ABS outer shell and a high-density EPS foam. This construction makes this helmet highly beneficial for dangerous sports activities.

Besides providing significant protection to your head, the alloy shell of this helmet is very lightweight. This aerodynamic design keeps the helmet securely on the head of the rider without causing any extra burden.

Just like the exterior of a helmet, the interior is also of top-quality. Wearing this helmet, you will remain comfortable as it has a cushioned interior. The inner pads of this helmet keep it odor-free, and you can also remove or wash them for durability.

Now moving towards the ventilation of this motocross helmet, which also offers extreme benefits. There are eleven air vents on this helmet, and all the vents are placed in such a way to ensure the maximum airflow inside the helmet, thus making your journey more enjoyable.

You will find two visors in this helmet. The inner visor offers protection to the eyes against smoke and dust, while the outer shield provides clear vision to the rider. Both the visors are easily removable, and you can reinstall them.

Various colors and sizes are accessible in this helmet. After choosing the right size, you can effortlessly adjust the helmet using the quick release buckle. A variety of modern characteristics and the stylish finishing of this helmet make it the best dual sport helmet.

  • Dual sport
  • Well protective
  • Lightweight
  • DOT approved
  • Durable
  • Cushioned interior
  • Proper ventilation
  • Dual visor
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Multiple colors
  • A helmet might run tight for some riders

4. O’Neal 2SERIES Helmet for Supermoto

O'Neal 2SERIES Helmet for Supermoto

Another helmet by O’Neal in my list of supermoto helmets is the Off-Road Style 2Series Helmet. O’Neal helmets are known for their top-quality, reliability, and durability.

This adult helmet is one of the popular off-road helmets that no one will ignore while looking for motorcycle racing helmets. This helmet meets the DOT and ECE safety standards and provides great protection and comfort during riding.

The 2Series helmet has a modern and colorful racing resembling design. This beautiful design helmet has a strong ABS shell which is capable of protection during hard impacts. The shell is designed in such a way as to keep the rider comfortable while keeping the helmet lightweight.

The splendid interior pads of this helmet are highly cushioned. This interior provides excellent support to the rider, even for long rides. These inner liners and pads are removable and washable, allowing you to keep the helmet odor-free.

To further increase the levels of comfort, there is a top-performing ventilation system. The strategically placed air vents will keep the rider cool by circulating the fresh air inside the helmet. Besides this cooling system, you will find a rubber nose guard for extra protection.

This helmet features an adjustable visor. You can adjust the height of a visor at a suitable angle for the perfect view during riding. You can also balance the helmet and make it fit better using the double-D chin strap. In this way, you will keep your focus on supermoto without any distraction.

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Different sizes are available in a helmet, along with multi-colored coated graphics. You can choose your favorite design and wear this helmet for off-road riding to get the maximum value for money.

  • Durable
  • Strong shell
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Comfortable
  • Removable and washable pads
  • Adjustable visor
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Multi-colored graphics
  • Double-D chin strap
  • A helmet may run smaller for some heads

5. 509 Tactical Motorcycle Racing Helmet

509 Tactical Motorcycle Racing Helmet

My next helmet for supermoto is the 509 Tactical Helmet. This classic design helmet has impressed many riders through its modern features at an economical price.

This helmet is specifically designed for motorcycle racing as it has advanced safety features. Wearing this helmet, you will get comfort, high protection, and performance. Just like other supermoto helmets, this helmet is also DOT-approved.

This Tactical helmet has a polycarbonate outer shell. This shell is hard enough to resist the impacts. The company symmetrically manufactures this shell to maintain balance while keeping the helmet lightweight. This construction makes the helmet durable and fits comfortably on your head.

The interior of this helmet is much different as compared to other helmets. Instead of regular EPS foam, this helmet features a dual-density EPS foam with interlocking nature. Such a premium material provides excellent protection and support during riding. Besides safety, this high-quality EPS foam lining is very soft for comfortable fitting.

This helmet includes an adjustable visor for better vision. You can slide the shield up or down to protect the face from mud and dust. Along with this visor, you can also use any of the 509 goggles for better performance.

The ventilation of this helmet is also impressive. There are several air vents on this helmet at various locations for adequate airflow. Front and top vents take in the fresh air while the rear vents exhaust the hot air, but you have the option for customized ventilation.

One of this helmet’s exclusive features is the breath box to adjust based on the weather. You can easily remove or reinstall it whenever you need it.

You can also attach the neck brace with this helmet. The chin strap keeps the helmet well positioned on your head. All such astonishing features with excellent protection make this helmet an ideal choice for supermoto.

  • Top-level protection
  • Customized interior
  • The thermoplastic solid outer shell
  • Adjustable visor
  • Great ventilation
  • Removable breath box
  • Neck brace compatibility
  • Goggles compatibility
  • DOT approved
  • Little bit heavy
  • Adjustment problems when using accessories

6. AHR Motocross Off-Road Helmet

AHR Motocross Off-Road Helmet

The next best sport bike helmet on my list is the AHR Outdoor helmet. I have chosen this helmet because of its exceptional performance for different rides, including motocross, dirt bike, and supermoto.

This AHR helmet meets the DOT safety standards. Those who want the protection, comfort and
High performance in a single package can consider this helmet for motorcycle racing.

The company manufactures this helmet, keeping in view that lightweight helmets perform exceedingly well during supermoto. This helmet has a lightweight ABS shell with a high-density EPS foam. The outer shell is thick enough to protect you from accidents, whereas the inner foam’s job is to keep you comfortable.

Besides this protection and comfort, a stunning ventilation system will take your riding experience to the next level. This ventilation system comprises several air vents intended to ensure maximum airflow keeping the rider cool.

Three different sizes (medium, large and extra-large) are available in this helmet. Make sure to correctly measure your head’s circumference to choose the right size.

After choosing your head’s appropriate size, you can further adjust the helmet using the chin strap. In this way, you can maintain the helmet well-balanced at the top of your head. The chin strap has a buckle for quickly putting on and taking off the helmet.

This helmet is highly durable as it features an antibacterial material inside. This material prevents the growth of bacteria inside the helmet. You can also remove the inner liner and cheek pads, wash them with soap and water to increase your helmet’s lifespan.

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There is a sunshade shelter at the top of the helmet. On buying this helmet, you will get a manual guide for using the helmet and a helmet bag. This supermoto helmet will give you much more than what you pay for.

  • Suitable for multi-sport riding
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Outstanding protection
  • Sunshade shelter
  • Superb ventilation
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Removable padding
  • Anti-bacterial technology
  • DOT approved
  • Not recommended for large heads

7. Fox Racing V1 Helmet

Fox Racing V1 Helmet

Whenever we search for racing helmets, we always find the name of Fox Racing helmets. Fox Racing is one of the famous and emerging helmet brands that has outperformed its competitors through quality and performance.

My last helmet and one of the best adventure helmets is the Fox Racing V1 Helmet. Its beautiful design and stylish look with modern technologies force me to include it in the supermoto helmets list.

This helmet has a molded polycarbonate and ABS shell. This shell is very lightweight and performs exceptionally during accidents. The shell of this helmet is tough to diffuse the crash’s energy, thus protecting the rider.

Inside this ABS shell, there is an EPS foam liner capable of shock-absorbing while keeping the rider comfortable. For further comfort, there are several vents to maximize the airflow. Fox Racing constructs this helmet to protect both low speed and high-speed impacts.

The helmet structure is strong enough to protect the rider during impacts, but it also incorporates MIPS technology. MIPS combined helmets reduce the energy of impacts by decreasing the rotational forces.

The magnetic visor release system is one of the premium features of this helmet. This visor is attached to a helmet’s shell, and during sudden crashes, this visor is released to keep the rider more secure.

This helmet is very easy to maintain. You can easily remove the inner liner and cheek pads and wash them. In this way, your helmet will remain in brand new condition for a long time.

This Fox racing helmet comes in different sizes and beautiful colors. This helmet has many happy customers. So those who want a top-quality helmet for motorcycle racing with excellent features do consider this V1 helmet.

  • Strong shell
  • MIPS technology
  • Comfortable
  • The magnetic visor release system
  • Beautiful colors
  • Removable and washable padding
  • Magnificent protection
  • A bit costly

Final Words

Everyone knows that supermoto is a dangerous sport. Those who are going to participate in this sport always need a helmet that is well protected. Besides protection, you have to make sure that the helmet is comfortable as well.

Above, you have a list of the best helmet for supermoto with their complete details. Almost everyone helmet listed above is safety certified and is practically tested. Hopefully, now you can find the best off-road helmet that will satisfy your desires.

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