What to do With Motorcycle Helmet When Parked

What To Do With Motorcycle Helmet When Parked

Imagine you’re on your way to a restaurant or shopping. Once you reach your destination, you park your motorcycle, remove your riding gloves, and take off your helmet. You can no longer carry all the riding gear on your arms. So, what to do with motorcycle helmet when parked?

Beginner motorcyclists may prefer to carry their helmets with them, but this sensation will only last a short while. If your helmet is bulky, this act will quickly become tedious for you.

Some riders left their helmets on their motorcycles. It is a precarious situation, and you might not be able to locate your helmet. Locking your motorcycle helmet with excessive pressure may damage it.

Where to put a motorcycle helmet when parked? You don’t have to worry if you have also encountered this situation. Today, you will find the best possible options for your motorcycle helmet when parked. In this article, we will discuss all the options, as well as their pros and cons.

Three Options For Your Motorcycle Helmet When Parked

After parking your motorcycle, you can handle a helmet in a variety of ways. Listed below are three methods that are common and effective.

1. Carry it With You

Carrying your motorcycle helmet with you is the safest but not the easiest method. You can park your motorcycle and walk away while holding the helmet. As a result, there is no risk that your helmet will be stolen or tempered.

Four factors determine whether you should carry a helmet or not.

Personal Desire

It depends on your personal preference to carry a helmet with you or leave it on your bike. Carry it with you if you want to keep it safe and secure.

My friend lost his helmet when he visited a grocery store, and ever since, he’s carried it with him to keep himself calm and relaxed.

Weight of Your Helmet

Probably no one will carry around a bulky motorcycle helmet. It is only possible to carry your helmet if it is lightweight.

Parking Location of Your Bike

Your bike’s parking location tells you a lot about whether you carry your helmet or not. If you park your motorcycle near an inhabited area, you may be at higher risk than if you park near a security guard.

No parking area will guarantee your helmet’s safety. It is a good idea not to leave your helmet at an insecure place with your bike.

Time You Spend Before Returning to Your Motorcycle

The time you spend before returning to your motorbike is very important. Make sure to take your helmet if you are going for a long time.

You can leave your helmet with your bike if you’re only going for a few minutes. Still, you need to lock your helmet to your motorcycle.

2. Put it in a Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

Another effective way to keep your helmet safe when parked is to put it in a helmet backpack. A hiking backpack is also an option. With these backpacks, you can conveniently carry your helmet.

Another advantage of a backpack is that it can hold items such as a water bottle and even riding gloves.

3. Leave it on Your Motorcycle

Leave a Helmet on Your Motorcycle Unlocked

You may want your hands free at times, especially when going shopping or having lunch. It is not possible to carry the helmet in this case. The same applies to heavy helmets. If your helmet weighs a lot, you should leave it on your motorcycle.

You can leave your helmet on your motorbike in two ways.

Leave it Unlocked on Your Motorcycle

You can leave a helmet unlocked on your motorcycle. This method is only recommended when you can keep an eye on your bike or close to it.

You may also leave it unlocked while parking in a safe area or next to a security guard, but this can be risky. Leaving your helmet unlocked on your bike can lead to it being stolen or tempered

Use a Helmet Lock

When parked, the most popular and easiest way is to use a helmet lock. You should always carry a helmet lock with you when using this method. A variety of motorcycle helmet clip locks are available on the market, and you can use them to secure your helmet with your bike.

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How to Carry a Helmet When You’re Off the Bike?

How to Carry a Helmet When Parked

There are different ways to carry a motorcycle helmet while off the bike. The following three approaches are most common.

1. Carry it in Your Hand

Carrying a motorcycle helmet in your hand is the simplest solution. Open your helmet’s visor and put a hand behind the chin strap. You can now go off the bike with one hand free while the other hand holds the helmet.

2. Carry it in a Bag

You can also carry a motorcycle helmet inside a bag. This way, both of your hands are free. The bag is only suitable for motorbike helmets that fit perfectly inside it.

3. Use a Helmet Backpack

Another way to carry a motorcycle helmet is by using a helmet backpack. In addition to your helmet, you can keep your gloves and goggles inside the backpack. This method makes it easy to carry a helmet, even if it is bulky.

Pros of Carrying a Helmet With You

Following are the pros of carrying a motorcycle helmet with you

  • Your motorcycle helmet will remain safe and secured unless someone snatched it from you
  • There is no risk of your helmet getting tempered
  • To store small items in your helmet, use it as a shopping basket
  • You can secure a friend’s seat in a restaurant or cafe by placing a helmet on it

Cons of Carrying a Helmet With You

The cons of carrying a motorcycle helmet are listed below

  • A bulky helmet is difficult to carry on your arm for an extended period
  • There is no way for you to use both hands freely
  • There is a possibility that you may forget where you put your helmet

How to Leave the Helmet With Your Motorcycle

You can leave your helmet with your motorcycle in various ways after parking it.

You may use a top box to keep your helmet inside. Your helmet will be secure, but if your motorcycle is not equipped with a top box, you may use a helmet lock instead. Secure the helmet properly to your bike and move away comfortably

Pros of Leaving the Helmet With Your Bike

Following are the pros of leaving the helmet with your bike

  • After you leave your helmet on your bike, your hands will be free
  • You won’t have to worry about forgetting your helmet or causing it to fall on the floor
  • During shopping or lunch, you feel more comfortable

Cons of Leaving the Helmet With Your Bike

The cons of leaving the helmet with your bike are listed below

  • Even if your helmet is locked, it is not completely secure
  • Nobody wants to expose his helmet to direct sun rays for a longer time
  • In rainy weather, you may have to wear a wet helmet, which is undoubtedly uncomfortable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best place to put your helmet on a motorcycle?
A top box is the best place to keep your helmet on a motorcycle. Protects your helmet from theft and keeps it hidden. Furthermore, it prevents the helmet from being tempered.

Q. Can you wear a motorcycle helmet in a store?
No, you cannot wear a motorcycle helmet in a store. Helmets are designed to protect the head when riding a motorbike. In a store, you don’t need any protective headgear. In addition, stores do not permit customers to conceal their faces behind a helmet.

Q. What to do with your motorcycle helmet when you go to a restaurant?
If you have decided to carry a helmet with you in a restaurant, you can place it in different positions. You can store it under your seat or in an extra chair. Putting it on the table is fine, but it does not irritate others and does not fall on the floor.

Q. Where should I lock my motorcycle helmet?
Motorcycle riders usually lock their helmets to the handlebars of their motorcycle. The helmet will rest along the side of the bike just above the passenger pegs.


After parking the motorcycle, you have many options for a helmet. Some methods are safe, while others are easy. Which way you should choose depends on the parking area of your bike.

Since you know, motorcycle helmets are usually expensive, and no one wants to get his/her helmet stolen. The safest method is to carry the helmet with you. Hopefully, now you can better decide what to do with a motorcycle helmet when parked.

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