How Do Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Work

How Do Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Work?

As a rider, you have probably been shopping for a motorcycle helmet. The options are endless when it comes to style and design. Companies do lots of cool things with their products, and the helmet industry is no exception.

Helmets for motorcycles have come a long way. Besides protecting our heads in the event of a crash, they offer entertainment and other features that make riding more enjoyable and safer. That includes Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, which connect with your phone via Bluetooth technology.

How do Bluetooth motorcycle helmets work? It’s not the most obvious thing. With a helmet, you get a lot of features, but one that allows you to communicate with someone else? That’s pretty cool.

As part of this guide, I will explain the basics of Bluetooth technology and how it works with your motorcycle helmet so you can get the most out of your investment.

What is a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet has a built-in Bluetooth communication device. You can connect the device to your smartphone, GPS, MP3 player, and Bluetooth intercom system.

Motorcyclists are increasingly using these helmets since they can make and receive phone calls, listen to music, receive GPS directions, and communicate with other riders without having to remove their hands from the handlebars.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have built-in speakers and microphones that allow you to talk on the phone through your helmet as if you were actually using a phone. Several of these helmets also come with a feature that lets you answer the phone by saying “answer.”

A Bluetooth helmet consists of two parts, one part goes inside the helmet, and the other is installed outside it. The outer portion consists of speakers and microphones, while the inner section consists of a battery charger and battery compartment. The inner part also includes LED lights.

No matter which type you choose, most Bluetooth helmets offer similar features:

Hands-free Calling

With all models, you can answer the phone while you ride. On some helmets, you can push a button on the side to answer calls or switch songs, while others require that you use voice commands.

Music Streaming

You can stream music from Spotify or other music apps via Bluetooth with all models. Even some models include FM radios to listen to talk radio or sports channels.

Helmet Intercom

Several models allow two or more riders to talk hands-free without a cell phone by connecting their helmets together. You will need multiple helmets that connect to each other.

Types of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets that come with Bluetooth capabilities fall into two categories: those with built-in technology and those that can be paired with a Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth Ready Helmets

The first type is a helmet with built-in Bluetooth. This kind of helmet has Bluetooth built into it. If you do not want it, you cannot remove it, and it usually takes up more space in the helmet than the other type.

If you’re looking for a simple solution but don’t want to install a device on your current helmet, then consider purchasing one with the technology already in it. Typically, these helmets will be listed as “Bluetooth capable” or “Bluetooth ready.”

Bluetooth Compatible Helmets

The second type of helmet has an internal compartment for Bluetooth speakers or other devices. It allows you to add or remove Bluetooth devices as needed.

If they break, you can replace them or upgrade them if you feel that something new is available to suit your needs better.

When shopping for a motorcycle helmet, you will also find helmets compatible with specific brands of Bluetooth devices. Usually, these helmets have compartments that fit the particular brand of earpieces without any modifications required.

How Do Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Work?

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are not a particularly new invention. They’ve been around for a while and have undergone several technological changes to get where they are now. However, the basic principle of how they work remains the same.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets use wireless technology specially designed for communication between devices. Hardware such as a microchip and an antenna are used to achieve this. The hardware connects to the helmet’s intercom system, thus allowing you to communicate with other motorcyclists or anyone else on the same network.

Motorcycle Bluetooth helmets are specifically designed for motorcyclists but can also be used by cyclists, skiers, snowboarders, and even skydivers.

Many motorcycle Bluetooth helmets have a long battery life, allowing you to stay in touch with contacts even if you are riding all day.

Motorcycle Bluetooth helmets differ from regular ones in their design because they must accommodate all the extra hardware that allows you to make and receive calls while riding a motorcycle or participating in any other outdoor activity.

How Does Bluetooth Work in a Motorcycle Helmet (A Short Summary)

Most modern devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, use Bluetooth as a wireless communication protocol. When it comes to motorcycles, Bluetooth makes communication between the riders more accessible than ever before.

Here’s a quick overview of how a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet works:

  1. The helmet comes with built-in speakers that are connected to a Bluetooth device.
  2. Bluetooth technology allows this Bluetooth device to pair with your smartphone, music player, or GPS unit using the same technology that allows wireless headphones to connect to your phone.
  3. The helmet can then be used to listen to music, make calls, and get GPS directions without carrying any additional devices.
  4. You can keep both hands on the handlebars by wearing these helmets, which is safer than fumbling for your smartphone or MP3 player.

How is the Sound Quality?

A Bluetooth helmet’s sound quality depends on the type of device it’s built with. Some helmets have low-quality speakers that may break over time.

Many helmets come with high-quality speakers that can produce clear, crisp sound without distortion.

I recommend trying on Bluetooth helmets before purchasing to determine their sound quality and whether they are right for you.

How to Pair Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets?

If you want to pair your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you must first locate the pairing button. A smart motorcycle helmet will have this button on the outside.

Hold the pairing button down for 5-10 seconds until you hear an audible beep or see the LED light blink blue and red. At this point, the device is ready to pair.

Pairing with Android Devices

Tap on the Bluetooth symbol on your phone screen when it appears. Your phone will scan for available Bluetooth devices and display them. Select the desired helmet from the list of available devices and accept any prompts for confirmation.

Pairing with iPhones and iPads

Go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn it on. Tap on the helmet that has appeared in your list of available devices, then select Pair next to it. Let the process complete before using your helmet’s Bluetooth capabilities.

Why Should You Buy A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are great for many reasons. A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet offers the rider a number of benefits, including:

1. Hand-free Operation

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet allows you to operate your mobile phone and other devices while you’re on the road without taking your hands off the handlebars.

2. Safe Communication

With Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, you can communicate easily with others, making it safer for you to talk on the phone or with your passengers without having to worry about blocking out the sounds around you.

As well as making it easy for riders to stay connected, these helmets also enhance their safety. With the built-in speakers, riders can hear emergency vehicle sirens at all times.

3. GPS Connectivity

Some of the best motorcycle Bluetooth helmets offer GPS as well. You will never have to worry about getting lost again when GPS is enabled.

4. Comfort

Comfort is a top priority in the design of these helmets. So, they come with washable padding and adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit.

Additionally, they are equipped with multiple vents, making them ideal for long rides without experiencing heat problems.

5. Group Travel

Bluetooth-enabled helmets allow you to communicate with other riders in your group. It is helpful when riding in a group.

6. Wind Reduction

As no external speakers are required, communication remains uninterrupted even when riding at high speeds.

How Much Do Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Cost?

The cost of a Bluetooth helmet depends on several factors, including its features and brand. A mid-range Bluetooth helmet can cost anywhere from $150 to $350.

Bluetooth helmets from name brands such as Shoei and Arai tend to be more expensive than mid-range models due to their superior build quality and high-end features. Premium models can cost anywhere from $400 to over $500.

Factors Determining the Price of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are priced based on several factors, including:

The Brand

Most people prefer certain name brands, but those usually come at a higher price.

Number of Speakers

The number of speakers in a helmet affects the sound quality. A helmet with more speakers will sound better but will also cost more.

The Type of Communication System

Bluetooth helmets allow you to communicate with other riders. Helmets with a basic communication system have fewer features than those with advanced communication systems.

Size and Weight

A lightweight helmet is going to cost more than a heavier one. The size of the helmet also influences the price.

What to Look for in a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are available in a variety of brands and styles today. If you do your research, you should find one at an affordable price that meets your needs.

When buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, keep these things in mind:

Battery Life

Bluetooth helmets typically have a battery life of 8-10 hours. If you plan on riding long distances without having access to an outlet, it is important to consider this. Some helmets have removable batteries so that you can carry an extra with you just in case.

Audio Quality

Many Bluetooth helmets come with built-in speakers. The speakers should be of good quality and loud enough to be heard clearly even when high winds are blowing.


It’s important that the microphone in your helmet meets specific standards and is clear enough for others to hear you while riding at high speeds. Many people use their Bluetooth motorcycle helmets to talk on the phone.

Your microphone must be of good quality so the person at the other end can hear you clearly.

Best Selling Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Final Words

Some riders use their motorcycles as their primary mode of transportation, but others ride them on the weekends or in their spare time. But whatever your reason for riding a motorcycle, you should make sure that you do so safely and with plenty of protection.

It can be accomplished by getting yourself a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that can keep you safe on the road while allowing you to listen to music or make calls.

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