Best Motorcycle Helmet to Reduce Wind Noise

Best Motorcycle Helmet to Reduce Wind Noise

Riding a motorcycle with wind noise continuously shrieking in your ears is an awful experience. So, while looking for a motorcycle helmet, it is crucial to choose the best motorcycle helmet to reduce wind noise.

Wind noise damages the sense of hearing. Seriously, I’m not kidding. One of my friends migrates from an open-face helmet to a full-face helmet. Mistakenly, he chose the helmet that runs noisy even at medium speed, and now, he is having a hard time hearing conversation.

Keeping in view the rider’s safety, we have reviewed a wide range of noise-canceling motorcycle helmets. After in-depth research, only the helmets that reduce the wind, road, and engine noise are chosen. Wearing these helmets, you will get a comfortable ride.

Best Motorcycle Helmet to Reduce Wind Noise

We are going to present the best motorcycle helmet to reduce wind noise to improve your riding experience.

1. Shoei Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

While talking about the quiet motorcycle helmets, we just can’t ignore the Shoei helmets. According to most experienced riders, Shoei is a brand that manufactures actual noise-canceling helmets.

The company designed this Shoei Rf-1200 motorcycle helmet specifically to reduce wind noise. Investing in this full-face motorcycle helmet will give a high-quality product with excellent finishing.

Design and Protection

The helmet is designed with both protection and comfort in mind. The Shoei Rf-1200 motorcycle helmet is DOT and SNELL certified and offers suitable protection to your head.

There is an outer shell that is strong to ensure safety and is lightweight to assure comfort. The helmet stays stable even at high speeds thanks to the aerodynamic design. Such a construction keeps the wind noise at a minimum.

The shell is hard enough for protection, and you will find a dual-density EPS foam. The protection is elevated to a new level.


The manufacturers try to keep the helmet weight as low as possible to prevent neck pain. It weighs about 5 pounds, and in my opinion, this is the only factor that downgrades this helmet.

However, compared to other full-face motorcycle helmets, we still find this Rf-1200 a better choice as far as comfort is concerned.


We usually have to compromise on ventilation when talking about noise cancellation, but that is not the case with this helmet. Several vents are strategically placed on a helmet for cooling purposes.

There are three intake vents and four exhaust vents at the top of the helmet to maintain sufficient airflow. You will find one large vent at the chin bar that you can either open, close or half-open depending upon the situation.

Interior and Comfort

Aside from the stunning exterior, the interior is as well. The helmet pads can easily be shaped to match the form of the rider’s head. There is a chin strap for better adjustment.

The Rf-1200 protective helmet comes in various shell sizes, yet it features 3D cheek pads for a custom fit. There is a Max-Dry system inside a helmet that wicks the moisture and sweat to maximize comfort.

Furthermore, an emergency quick-release system enables you to remove the cheek pads quickly during severe conditions. There is a breath guard in your helmet so that it won’t become foggy.

Your goal is to find the noise-canceling motorcycle helmet, and a Shoei full-face helmet is here for you. It features a chin curtain to keep the wind noise to a minimum level.


This full-face motorcycle helmet comes with an adjustable face shield. You can adjust the shield using the five-stage rotating dial. The quality of this shield is outstanding as wind pressure will never bend the shield. In this way, you can easily open or close it.

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The face shield provides excellent vision along with a windproof and waterproof finish. The locking mechanism secures the shield when it is closed.

Due to the pin-lock system, the helmet lets you ride comfortably in cold weather. It prevents the helmet from fog, making it a great choice.


Shoei Rf-1200 helmet is the perfect match for riders seeking protection and comfort. However, this full-face helmet is a little bit heavy and is somehow expensive as well. But the features and quality it provides are just awesome.

  • Great protection
  • Comfortable interior
  • Adjustable face shield
  • Superb ventilation
  • Pinlock anti-fog system
  • Motorcycle Helmet Noise reduction
  • Custom-fit
  • Max-dry system for moisture wicking
  • DOT and SNELL approved
  • Expensive

2. Bell Qualifier Motorcycle Helmet to Reduce Wind Noise

Bell Qualifier Motorcycle Helmet to Reduce Wind Noise

Bell is one of the well-known brands in the market of motorcycle helmets. If you are an old motorcycle rider, you may have tried any of the motorcycle helmets by Bell.

Bell has created this helmet so that it can fit any head shape. This fit makes searching for a motorcycle helmet for large heads much easier since you can wear it in various environments. There are so many outstanding features with this one at such a great price.

Design and Protection

One of the most important factors before choosing any motorcycle helmet is its level of protection. With this Bell qualifier full-face helmet, you don’t need to worry about safety because it is DOT-approved.

It has a solid outer shell of polycarbonate to keep you safe while you ride it. The company distributes the ABS material evenly at the top of a helmet for advanced protection. At the same time, they keep the helmet lightweight to make it ideal for long rides.

Dual-density EPS foam closely integrates with the shell for extended protection. It will absorb the shock of impact and protect your head from serious injuries. Make your journey safe with this beautifully designed motorcycle helmet.


This full-face falls under lightweight motorcycle helmets. It weighs about 2.1 pounds and wearing this helmet, and you will not feel much pressure on your head.

Interior and Comfort

When you look at the interior of this helmet, you will notice its comfort. The cushioned interior will keep you comfortable throughout the ride. A protective layer of antibacterial material keeps microbes from growing inside the helmet.

Also, you can remove the liner and wash it whenever you need to keep the helmet in perfect condition. So, make your helmet durable and odor-free.

Bell Qualifier full-face motorcycle helmets allow you to ride at high speeds without being exposed to excessive wind noise. An appropriately padded wind collar attached to the helmet will manage to do this efficiently.


The full-face motorcycle helmet features a velocity flow ventilation system. Under different weather conditions, this system will do a pretty good job of keeping the rider comfortable.

Different vents are uniquely placed to keep adequate airflow inside the helmet. In the top front vent, cool air is drawn inside the helmet, and hot air exits at the rear, keeping your head cool and dry. It is also possible to customize the airflow by opening or closing the vents.

Click-release Shield

One of the premium features of a helmet is the click-release shield. This protective Nutra Fog II shield keeps fog from enveloping a helmet. There’s no need to worry about UV rays because the helmet will shield them perfectly.

However, the helmet usually ships with a clear shield alone, but you may also attach a tinted shield. The clear shield offers perfect vision and is scratch-resistant.

When it comes to removing your shield or replacing it, both things are easy to do without any tools. In this way, you can keep the helmet’s shield clean and secured.

Speaker Integration

Many riders usually hate long boring rides, and to help them. Bell qualifier offers Bluetooth speaker integration. There are pockets inside the helmet to install speakers so that you can add more music to your ride.

While riding a motorcycle, listen to your favorite music and keep the wind at a minimum. You may check these motorcycle helmets for listening to music.


Get the maximum benefits during motorcycle riding wearing this budget-friendly full-face helmet. The wind and engine noise won’t irritate you anymore, irrespective of whether you’re riding low or high speed.

High-quality and lightweight helmet, but keep in mind that there is no visor lock in it, and the visor may lift at speed above 75mph.

  • Superb protection
  • Cushioned interior
  • Velocity flow ventilation
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Anti-fog visor
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Stylish finishing
  • DOT approved
  • No visor lock
  • No dark visor

3. Shoei Neotec II Noise-Cancelling Helmet

Shoei Neotec II Noise-Cancelling Helmet

The third motorcycle helmet to reduce wind noise is again by Shoei. When we research modular helmets, we find the Shoei Neotec II Helmet with the most fans. Believe it or not, this is also my favorite modular helmet for many reasons.

Flip-up helmets are trendy among riders, and keeping in view the fact, Shoei introduced the Neotec I helmet. That helmet made a significant mark in the world of helmets, but what if I say that Neotec II is the upgraded version of Neotec I.


Shoei manufactures this helmet to ensure the riders remain comfortable while also providing a stylish look. With its lightweight, aerodynamic design, the helmet will stay stable even on high-speed rides, and you will not experience much wind noise.

Even though its weight is kept at a minimum, it still falls behind other lightweight modular helmets. Even though it weighs about 5 pounds, I still think it is a better helmet than many superior helmets, claiming to be light.


As I already said that no one could compromise on the safety features of a helmet. Despite the fact that this helmet focuses mainly on quality, that does not mean it is not safe. It is one of the highly protective modular helmets.

This helmet has a fiberglass composite shell capable of protection at both low and high-speed crashes. This shell with an integrated matrix makes this flip-up helmet stand out from others as far as safety is concerned.

There is a dual-density EPS foam inside the shell that takes safety to the next level. This EPS liner smartly absorbs the impacts.

Interior and Comfort

Inside the Shoei Neotec II helmet, there is a soft liner for increased comfort. Taking a motorcycle ride, I am sure you will experience its softness.

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The liner of a helmet comes in different sizes to make the helmet fit on any head shape. You may also remove and wash the liner whenever you feel any moisture or odor inside the helmet.


Several vents are found on the modular helmet, and each fulfills a different function. There are two vents, one at the top of the helmet and the other on the chin, responsible for inhaling fresh air. The air inside the helmet will escape from the two rear vents.

You can customize the vent on the chin by opening, closing, or half-opening it. Therefore, it will keep the wind noise to a minimum. Due to this helmet’s airflow control feature, it is ideal for both weather conditions.


One cool feature of the Neotec 2 helmet is the adjustable shield. You can either open the visor for a casual ride and close it for a high-speed ride. In this way, you will keep your eyes protected from dust and minimize the wind noise.

The helmet allows you to adjust the shield at different positions for better vision. The pin lock feature enhances fog prevention.

You will also find a dropdown sun visor inside a helmet that can be configured from the side slider. Use this protective shield to block out the sun rays from your helmet.

Noise Cancellation

One of the features that give the helmet its inclusion in this list is noise reduction. Since most of the noise enters the helmet from the neck area and adds some material in that area, it can minimize the wind noise. Neotec II has completed this task for you.

It is one of the quietest helmets due to extensive wind tunnel testing.


I know that this Shoei Neotec II helmet is very expensive, but its features are outstanding. In comparison with other noise-canceling helmets, we found that riders claim it the quietest motorcycle helmet.

  • Serious protection
  • Comfortable interior
  • Adjustable visor
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Noise reduction
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Solid construction
  • Size problems
  • Expensive

Final Words

Three top-quality motorcycle helmets are listed above. Invest in a quiet motorcycle helmet since high noise is dangerous, and consider the motorcycle helmet decibel ratings.

No motorcycle helmet is fully noise-canceling. Whenever you ride at high speed, you have to deal with wind noise, mainly on the open roads. All the above helmets are capable of noise reduction, so choose the best motorcycle helmet to reduce wind noise.

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