American Flag Motocross Helmet

American Flag Motocross Helmet Worth Buying in 2023

A motocross helmet is essential for any off-road riding for better protection. All dirt bike riders have varying tastes regarding motocross helmets, but many choose to wear an American flag motocross helmet as a symbol of patriotism.

Riding on a motocross track is entirely different from casual street riding. Off-road riding can pose serious risks, and the best solution would be to wear a dirt bike helmet.

Off-road helmets are more ventilated and have a solid outer shell as compared to street bike helmets. Motocross helmets come in a variety of styles, but not all are equally effective. Therefore, never compromise when choosing your motocross helmet.

There are several reasons why you might need a motocross helmet. Today, you will find the review of the best American flag motocross helmet. In addition to a review, we’ve also provided an alternative black American flag helmet to help you make a better decision.

American Flag Motocross Helmet

There is a wide range of motocross helmets on the market. Don’t worry. You don’t have to go through each of them. We have done deep research to find the top-quality motocross helmet with the American flag.

Let’s have a look at the review of this dirt bike American flag helmet.

LS2 Gate Stripes Helmet with American Flag

LS2 Gate Stripes Helmet with American Flag

Wearing a motocross helmet with the US flag on your helmet will take your off-road riding to a whole new level. Wearing LS2 Gates Stripes Helmet, you will ride a bike securely while showing American pride.

LS2 is one of the well-known brands that manufacture different types of bike helmets. It would be pretty likely that you have used any LS2 helmet at some point in your professional riding career.

LS2 has been manufacturing the safest and comfortable bike helmets for many years. The best thing about their helmets is that they are affordable and most of their helmets come with premium features. The stylish appearance gives riders confidence.


The company manufactures Gate Stripes Helmet to offer maximum protection and comfort to the rider. The helmet has advanced features usually only found in the most expensive dirt bike helmets.

This LS2 helmet features an American flag and a stylish design for a confident ride. Several other color options are also available in a wide range of sizes.


For safety purposes, this DOT-approved dirt bike helmet proves an excellent choice. Wearing this helmet, you can ride comfortably on different motocross tracks.

Gate stripes helmet comes with a kinetic polymer alloy shell. Through flexible energy management and resistance to penetration, this shell makes the helmet highly protective. Compared with other ordinary shells, this alloy shell stands out.

The outer shell is exquisitely integrated with EPS foam, enhancing the protection level by absorbing the shocks.


It is usually normal for most riders to opt for lightweight helmets when choosing a helmet. LS2 tries to make the helmet light so it rides comfortably. You can ride for an extended period without feeling much burden on your head.

Interior and Comfort

With high-tech fabric, this motocross helmet has a very comfortable interior. Whenever you ride off-road, you will immediately notice the softness of the inner material.

Many dirt bike helmets claim to be moisture-wicking, but this helmet’s fabric actually wicks the moisture and dries out quickly to keep the rider cool and dry. If you feel something unpleasant or a microbe inside a helmet, you can easily remove the fabric and wash it.


If you choose this helmet for dirt bike riding, you will have superior ventilation even during hot summer days. The helmets with good ventilation are usually costly, but that is not the case with this American flag bike helmet.

Several air vents provide optimal airflow within the helmet. Fresh air enters the helmet from the front and top, going through the air channels directly onto the rider’s head. In the same fashion, hot air escapes from behind the helmet.

Do you also want to remain comfortable during an off-road ride? This LS2 will be your perfect partner.

Size and Fit

With three shell sizes, this motocross helmet has different size options. A helmet wraps your head tightly to provide you with maximum protection in an accident.

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Before picking any size of helmet, I suggest taking a good measurement of your head because many riders have problems with the size of a helmet. This is the only drawback to a helmet; however, you can fix it if you find the right size.

Cheek Pads

This motocross helmet has pre-curved cheek pads for riders who want to wear eyeglasses. It uses 3D laser technology for curved pads and to ensure comfort.

  • Strong KPS shell
  • Comfortable
  • 3 shell sizes
  • Excellent flow-through ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • Curved cheek pads
  • DOT approved
  • Size problems (Helmet may run small)

AFX Black American Flag Motocross Helmet (Alternative Choice)

AFX Black American Flag Motocross Helmet

Different riders have their preferences for dirt bike helmets. Personally, I prefer the LS2 Gate Stripes helmet. However, if you do not like it for some reason, here is an excellent alternative dirt bike helmet.

The AFX brand is known for making motocross helmets with the American flag. One of the best things about the AFX motocross helmets is the variety of colors. Some riders may be searching for a black American flag dirt bike helmet, and here it is.

The AFX FX-17 Flag Helmet is also a budget-friendly dirt bike helmet with a large number of satisfied customers.


This motocross helmet features a cute and stylish design with graphics. There is a beautiful American flag helmet wrap with an excellent finish.

There are various design prints on helmets, and you can also choose the black American flag design. The FX-17 helmet is durable and solidly built. There is a visor on a helmet that you can easily take off when not needed. It comes with a lifetime warranty from the company.


A bike rider can compromise on any feature but not the protection., This helmet contains a composite poly-alloy shell to keep riders safe and secure during off-road rides.

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The aerodynamic design shell keeps the helmet lightweight. During motocross racing, the helmet will remain well-positioned and perform excellently during crashes.

In addition to the helmet’s strong outer shell, it is DOT and ECE certified. There’s no need to worry anymore, but keep in mind that 3XL and 4XL sizes are DOT-approved only.


The company manufactures the motocross helmet in a lightweight but aerodynamic design. The helmet weighs around 3.44 lbs, allowing the rider to concentrate on the motocross race without causing any distractions.

Interior and Comfort

You can expect extreme comfort and affordability from this AFX helmet for dirt bike riding. A helmet’s inner liner and cheek pads are very comfortable.

Because the helmet has antibacterial nylon, hypoallergenic fabric, you won’t encounter any microbes inside your helmet. Still, you can remove the liner and wash it whenever needed.


There are a lot of vents in this helmet, offering great ventilation. A helmet has 11 unique air vents positioned on the sides, forehead, chin, top, and back.

Fresh air is drawn in through the front and top vents of a helmet, while hot air is drawn out of the rear vents. Through the wind tunnels, air will circulate inside the helmet. As a result, you’ll remain relaxed during a bike race.

Size and Fit

This motocross helmet with the American flag has a wide range of sizes that can fit any head shape. Measure your head before choosing any size.

Your helmet will fit snugly after choosing the correct size. You can still adjust it through the D-ring chin strap. A quick-release chin strap makes it easier to put on and remove the helmet.

  • It comes with a black American flag
  • Great protection
  • Comfortable interior
  • Lightweight construction
  • Durable
  • A large number of vents
  • D-ring chin strap
  • Excellent finishing
  • Lifetime warranty
  • DOT and ECE approved
  • Size problems for large heads

Final Words

Now you have multiple American flag motocross gears, and I would say that the LS2 Gate Stripes Helmet is the best American flag motocross helmet at an affordable price. Having it around you will protect you, keep you comfortable, and because of the American flag, you can show off some degree of pride.

You can still choose the AFX FX-17 motocross helmet if you want a black American flag dirt bike helmet.

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