How to Remove Scratches from Helmet Visor

How to Remove Scratches from Helmet Visor (3 Easy Ways)

A motorcycle helmet’s visor is a very important safety feature. It protects our eyes from dust and debris and improves our vision. However, you may experience scratches on your motorcycle helmet visor in your riding journey, even if your helmet comes with a scratch-resistant visor.

The scratches on your helmet visor reduce your visibility. As a result, you may find it difficult to see what’s going on around you when riding a motorcycle. So, how to remove scratches from helmet visor at home.

I will show you two ways, along with a bonus tip to get rid of scratches on the helmet visor. All the solutions safely remove scratches and scuffs without affecting the quality of the visor.

How to Remove Scratches from Helmet Visor?

Before I explain how to remove scratches from a motorcycle helmet visor, let me clarify one point. These methods should not be used on a tinted helmet visor since your tint might be removed.

Now let’s move on to the first method of removing scratches from a helmet visor.

1. Removing Deep Scratches from Helmet Visor using Sandpaper

Sanding the visor is the safest way to remove scratches. You would need to follow these steps to get scratches out of a helmet visor.

STEP 1: First of all, you need to remove the visor from your helmet. Motorcycle helmets feature quick-release mechanisms that allow the visor to be removed easily.

STEP 2: Put the visor in flowing water and wash it thoroughly. Rinsing the visor will allow you to see the scratches clearly.

STEP 3: Sand the scratches on the visor with 1500-grit or 2000-grit sandpaper. Sand until all deep scratches are removed.

STEP 4: To remove excess water from the visor, use an old cloth or towel. Let the visor dry after wiping the water off.

STEP 5: Turn on the heat gun and let it reach the optimum temperature. Next, use it to heat the visor for removing the remaining scuffs and smoothing it.

STEP 6: Most of the scratches have now been removed. After the visor has cooled, you can reattach it to your helmet.

2. Removing Scratches from Motorcycle Helmet Visor using Toothpaste

Although most people don’t consider this method effective, you can still remove light scratches from a motorcycle helmet visor.

There are many ingredients in toothpaste, including calcium carbonate, sorbitol, glycerol, etc. Because of their properties, these chemicals can easily remove minor or light scratches from a helmet visor.

Here are the steps to fix scratches on a helmet visor with toothpaste.

STEP 1: Get a piece of cloth or a towel.

STEP 2: Smear toothpaste on the helmet visor.

STEP 3: Rub the toothpaste softly on the visor using the cloth. When the toothpaste sticks to the visor, it sands away the scratches.

STEP 4: After cleaning the visor, you are ready to ride a motorcycle.


We do not recommend this method for removing deep scratches.

3. Removing Scratches from Plastic Helmet Visor Using Polishing Compound (BONUS TIP)

For removing scratches from a tinted visor, this method works best. However, to use any polishing compound, you must first follow all the steps in method 1.

After following all the above steps, buff the scratches with a power buffer and polishing compound. With power polish, you can easily remove light scratches from your visor, making it look almost brand new.

All of the methods help remove scratches on a helmet visor. To close out the article, I want to offer a few tips for keeping your helmet’s visor clean.

How to Prevent Scratches on a Helmet Visor?

You can maintain and get scratches out of a helmet visor in the following ways:

  • Try not to touch the visor with your hands even while riding a motorcycle. To avoid splotches, you should carry a helmet from its base.
  • Using a cleaning tissue, wipe the visor of your helmet after finishing a ride. You should avoid using any wet material for cleaning the visor because it might leave water spots on the visor.
  • You should keep your helmet on a smooth surface to avoid scratches on the visor if it falls.


Now you know how to remove scratches from a helmet visor and some possible ways to protect a helmet visor from scratch. Whenever your visor is scratched, you can use any of the methods from above. Each method works well to fix scratches on a helmet visor.

I suggest you replace your helmet visor if it is scratched to a great degree. Buying a new visor is a safer option than jumbling with the old one.

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