Are Modular Helmets Noisy

Are Modular Helmets Noisy? A Guide to Make them Quieter

Motorcycle helmets protect against accidents, but most of them cannot block out noise. You might have owned the modular motorcycle helmet and may have a question in mind that Are Modular Helmets Noisy?

Motorcyclists who wear modular helmets are less likely to suffer hearing loss and brain damage in the event of a crash. They help protect a rider’s head from bumps and bruises in a collision with another vehicle or object.

A study concluded that wearing a helmet reduces mortality rates by 69% among motorcycle riders involved in collisions.

Are Modular Helmets Noisy?

Yes, modular helmets are noisy, but not more than open-face helmets. The environment is noisy, which can be concerning for motorcycle riders. There are many sources of noise, including wind, engines, and other vehicles. Riders need to be aware of their surroundings so they can do their best to avoid accidents.

Full Face Motorcycle Helmet vs. Modular Helmet

Let me compare two popular types of motorcycle helmets quickly.

Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The safest type of helmet to protect you from a potential impact is a full-face helmet. One of the most distinctive features of the full-face helmet is the chin bar, covering your head and face.

Modular Helmet

The modular helmet (flip-up helmet) is a combination of a 3/4 helmet and a full-face helmet, as it can be folded up like an open-face helmet and has face coverage like a full-face helmet.

Are full-face helmets quieter than modular helmets?

Modular helmets are not as well-sealed as full-face helmets, which results in more noise entering the helmet. The noise comes from the wind as it enters the open area in the front of the helmet.

The study has found that modular helmets are noisier than full-face motorcycle helmets. According to their tests, 14 different models failed to perform well in terms of sound insulation.

In contrast, modular helmets are an excellent option for looking cool and stylish on the bike, but they are not as quiet as full-face helmets. The chin guard on modular helmets is not large enough to protect one’s face from flying debris and insects.

How can I make my modular motorcycle helmet quieter?

Modular helmets are the best choice for those who wish to protect themselves from tougher weather conditions. But what if you are not able to enjoy your ride due to the noise? Below are some easy solutions to this problem.

1. Choose the Quietest Helmet

The best possible solution is to choose a quiet helmet to get rid of the noise. Many modular helmets are available on the market that are quieter than ordinary helmets.

2. Riding Position

Motorcycle Riding Position to Reduce Wind Noise

The motorcycle-riding position is the most crucial factor in reducing noise, although not the only one.

If the rider wishes to reduce engine noise, he should shift their weight off the motorcycle’s seat. A rider should also move their weight forward over the bike’s front end, pushing down on it rather than sitting on the metallic parts.

Upright riding position causes more air to flow and results in more noise. With a bit of adjustment in your riding position, you can significantly reduce wind noise.

3. Use Earplugs

If you’re one of those motorcyclists who keeps hearing those in-the-road sirens and feel your pulse quicken, then it may be time for ear protection on your motorcycle.

Fortunately, you can reduce noise by wearing a modular helmet using earplugs around your ears as professionals do. A quiet pocket is created to prevent wind noise from entering your ears and reduce the volume of engine noise. You end up with more comfortable hearing but less listening enjoyment.

4. Properly Fit Modular Helmet

Studies and research have shown that a properly fitted helmet can reduce noise by 50%. Therefore, wear a proper fit modular helmet while riding a motorcycle to protect your ears from the high pitch noise emitted by the small gears.

Before choosing a motorcycle helmet, you should measure your head size and check the helmet sizing chart.

5. Wear a Scarf

Putting on a scarf under your modular helmet may also help reduce wind noise. When the scarf is appropriately tucked in, it works great for most riders. A scarf under your helmet will significantly reduce wind noise, as well as keeping you warmer.

6. Windscreen Adjustment for Noise Protection

Recently, my friend purchased a new helmet and noticed a noise at 50mph. This caused him not to enjoy the ride. During his research, he discovered that adjusting the height of the windscreen can help eliminate helmet noise.

Between a rider’s head and the windscreen, there is plenty of room. With a windshield spoiler, you can ride without hearing the wind hitting your head, which is more enjoyable and safer.

7. Motorcycle Face Mask

To reduce noise level while riding your motorcycle, you can use a motorcycle face mask. It is imperative to wear a noise-reducing face mask when riding a motorcycle, especially if you need to listen to music through your headsets.

Due to the wind’s high sound pressure levels, you can’t hear your favorite music without hearing protection.

8. Well-Fitted Visor

The noise generated by helmets comes from vibrations. It is most likely that moving components are to blame for this vibration, so you should always check the vents and visor.

Motorcyclists may find that an open visor creates excessive noise. Because of this, it is important to close your visor unless it is necessary to leave it open for comfort reasons.


Riders with modular helmets said that the modular helmet has a better ventilation system than other helmets. Modular helmets also offer greater comfort and are easier to use while wearing ear protection.

Motorcyclists with full-face helmets said the modular helmet isn’t as safe since it provides less protection in a crash. According to them, the modular helmet isn’t as durable, and it may break if you drop it or slam it against something.

Finally, a full-face helmet can provide maximum protection and safety by covering the entire face. The modular helmets are great for comfort and versatility, but they are not very good at noise reduction. However, by following the above tips, you can make your modular motorcycle helmet quieter.

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