Can a Motorcycle Helmet Stop a Bullet

Can a Motorcycle Helmet Stop a Bullet?

There are different gears for riding a motorcycle, and a helmet is the safest gear. A helmet can protect your head and brain during accidents and crashes. There are different types of motorcycle helmets, and all of them have different protection levels.

Some helmets are suitable for high-speed riding, while some serve best for casual road riding. Safety of riders is essential, and motorcycle helmets are available for this job. Before choosing a motorcycle helmet, many people ask this impractical question, Can a motorcycle helmet stop a bullet?

Although I don’t think that we need a bulletproof motorcycle helmet unless you have serious enemies waiting to kill you. Based on the design and construction of a motorcycle helmet, I will tell you the motorcycle helmet vs. bullet reality.

Can a Motorcycle Helmet Stop a Bullet?

The straightforward answer to this question is “NO.” Almost all motorcycle helmets have a thin but hard shell of polycarbonate plastic, fiberglass or carbon fiber, etc.

Such materials are only capable of protecting against the impacts of accidents. A helmet’s shell is further supported by polystyrene or polypropylene EPS foam liner to absorb the shock.

Everyone knows that bullets are small and have high speed, and quickly pass through any object which is not bulletproof. Similarly, a bullet can easily penetrate the motorcycle helmet because its materials cannot resist a bullet’s speed nor deflect it. Therefore, motorcycle helmets are not bulletproof.

Motorcycle Helmet vs. Bullet

Based on the construction of a motorcycle helmet, we can say that a bullet can penetrate through it. What is the scientific reason behind this fact? Let me explain.

When fired from a gun, a bullet travels at a speed of over 1800 miles per hour and hits the object between 370 and 1550 foot-pounds of force. This speed and force are massive for motorcycle helmets which are made of lightweight and straightforward material.

Bullet Penetrating a Helmet

Moreover, a bullet is tiny in size, and with that much force, the motorcycle simply can’t stop a shot from damaging it. Both the outer shell and inner foam of a helmet will become damaged when hit by a bullet.

Distance of a Bullet Fired

The speed of a bullet is high enough to penetrate the helmet. What if the bullet is fired from a long distance.

Firing a bullet from a long, long-distance may not penetrate the helmet because it may have lost most of its energy. Motorcycle helmets can absorb the shock and spread it all over the helmet.

When fired from a distance, a bullet with high velocity may not cause much damage to a helmet, but the bullet fired from a close range will destroy a helmet.

The need for a Bulletproof motorcycle helmet?

I don’t think there is any need for a bulletproof motorcycle helmet. We need a motorcycle helmet just for the safety of our heads from accidents during riding.

Every motorcycle rider prefers a motorcycle helmet that is comfortable, lightweight, and hard enough to protect him. By adding the bulletproof features, we have to compromise on all these features.

No helmet manufacturing company has yet considered making a bulletproof helmet what we need in a helmet to make it bulletproof.

Bulletproof Motorcycle Helmet

There is no practicality in making a bulletproof motorcycle helmet. To make a motorcycle helmet bulletproof, we have to sacrifice several features associated with the comfort and lightweight design.

The significant difference between a motorcycle helmet and a bulletproof helmet is the construction of a shell. Motorcycle helmets have a lightweight shell of thermoplastic or fiberglass, and bulletproof helmets have a heavy shell to repel the penetration.

To better understand, consider the following points that stop the motorcycle helmet from being bulletproof.

  • The first and foremost factor is the price of a helmet. The manufacturers add a bullet-resistant shell that adds to a helmet’s cost by making a helmet bulletproof. Not many riders will prefer to buy a motorcycle helmet for a huge price.
  • No one prefers to ride with a heavy helmet that causes strain and discomfort. Everyone likes a lightweight helmet, and by adding the bulletproof shell, the weight of the helmet will go high, resulting in a useless product. You just can’t wear it for longer rides by compromising the comfort.
  • Most motorcycle helmets have an aerodynamic design, and by making them bullet-resistant, the style will be changed. Now a helmet will drag more around the head of a rider and cannot be used for racing.

Based on all such factors, it is no wrong to say that making a motorcycle helmet bulletproof is not possible till now.

Bulletproof Motorcycle Helmets FAQs

Q. Will a motorcycle helmet stop a bullet?
A. No, a motorcycle helmet will not stop a bullet. A bullet can easily go through a motorcycle helmet, and it can only deflect the shot if fired from a long range.

Q. Can a motorcycle helmet stop a rubber bullet?
A. Yes, a motorcycle helmet can resist the rubber bullet from damaging your head.

Q. Is there a bulletproof helmet?
A. Yes, many kevlar helmets used in the military are bullet-resistant but not entirely bulletproof.


Different motorcycle helmets are available in the market just to keep you protected from road injuries. No motorcycle helmet is bulletproof. A motorcycle helmet cannot resist the bullet, and it can quickly penetrate the helmet.

Hopefully, now you have got the answer to your question about bulletproof motorcycle helmets.

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