What to do With Old Motorcycle Helmet

What to Do With Old Motorcycle Helmets?

As motorcyclists, there comes the point where we’re left with an old motorcycle helmet. You probably haven’t worn it in years, and it’s now lying around your garage collecting dust.

It was the case for me until I found out what to do with old motorcycle helmets. The time has come to part ways. So what should you do with this old helmet?

This article will present various uses of your motorbike helmet if you want to do something else with your old headwear.

What to Do With Old Motorcycle Helmets?

Deciding what to do with an old motorcycle helmet is often a problem for many bike owners. You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a top-quality helmet and don’t want to toss it away when you’re done with it.

Some of the solutions can be:

1. A Conversation Peace

There’s nothing like taking an old motorcycle helmet and turning it into a conversation piece for your living room.

Adding a few decorations, such as flowers or even model bikes and cars, you can turn your helmet into the talk of the house. In no time, you’ll have your friends and family coming over to see how cool you’ve made your old helmets look.

2. Give it Away

If you have a friend who has recently started riding motorcycles, why not give them one of your old helmets?

They might be looking for a discounted way to get their hands on a new lid, and they would certainly appreciate the gesture if you offer up one of yours that’s still in good condition.

3. Sell it Online

One of the best ways these days to get rid of something is by selling it online.

4. Get it Repaired

If your helmet has minor damage, like scratches or a broken strap, then it’s worth getting it repaired rather than throwing it away.

Most helmets come with a five-year warranty, so if yours is less than that age, but you’ve damaged it, give the manufacturer a call.

If they can’t help, use local motorcycle shops as they’re bound to know someone who repairs helmets. It’s worth doing this as it’ll be cheaper than buying a new lid.

It’s better for the environment and your wallet to see if there’s a way to give them a second life.

5. Trade-in With a New Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re buying a new helmet, there’s no reason not to trade in your old one. Many motorcycle shops will take the old helmet off your hands and give you a discount on a new one.

For example, if it’s just upgrading from a full-face helmet to an open face, you might get back anything from $10 to $20 on the trade-in.

If you’re buying a helmet with more features, such as Bluetooth connectivity or built-in speakers, expect less of a discount on the trade-in. Often if the store sells used helmets, they’ll offer a straight-out cash deal rather than giving you credit towards your purchase.

Either way, it’s a good deal for both of you. The store gets another product to sell, and you have one less thing to worry about getting rid of when it comes time to upgrade or replace your gear.

6. Recycling

There are many ideas for refurbishing and recycling old helmets.

You can do minor repairs and sell them; auction off the parts from your old helmets to raise money for a new one, or use them as decor for home improvement projects.

7. Say Hello to Your New Flower Pot

That is why I love old motorcycle helmets. They have a great vintage look and could even be 100 years old or more. They also look like aviator helmets, perfect for the Hippie.

I think you should try it. Convert your old helmet into a new pot and transplant your beloved plant and enjoy watching your flowers grow in your ancestors’ helmets.

8. Donate it to a Charity

Donating your old helmets is a great way to help a good cause and get rid of old gear. Plus, if you’re like me, you can be comforted that your helmet has served you well for many years.

You can give it a new life, give it to an organization that will appreciate it, and turn what could have been trash into something useful. Now that’s a win-win situation.

9. Make it a Mini Waste Basket

It makes no sense to discard those old motorcycle helmets that are no longer used.

With just a little tweaking and imagination, those old helmets can be transformed into these handy mini waste baskets that can then be used to store documents in your office or home.

So if recycling is one of your hobbies or you want to avoid building up a huge landfill, later on, you’ll find these ideas helpful.

10. Donate it to Emergency Services

If you have an old motorcycle helmet, consider donating it to your local fire or EMS department.

These helmets can be used for rescue training, especially for rope rescue, which is extremely helpful for firefighters and rescuers.

They allow them to practice and develop skills without the risk of injury to a human subject. In the end, vintage helmets offer a practical way to help those who put themselves in harm’s way every day.

11. Donate it to School

Donate it to a school, preferably one that uses the helmet for safety classes. This recommendation is based on real experience with old motorcycle helmets and helping children buy their own.

As a motorcyclist, you probably know that this hobby can get expensive. Regardless of the bike the student can access, they will never look down on free safety equipment. Contact the school nurse or counselor to start a collection.

12. Try Your Painting Skills on a Helmet

Helmets are hard, but the proper painting technique can make it much easier to get that smooth surface.

The next time you see an old helmet, consider giving it a new lease on life by painting it and then giving it away to someone. Sometimes all people need is a second chance and something cool to wear.

13. Providing a Nest for Birds

The possibilities are really endless, however, the most obvious choice is to use the helmet as a nest for birds.

You may want to look into state laws before you proceed with this option. Birds tend to stick around when they have a place to live, so why not turn your old helmet into one?

14. Give it to Someone Who Doesn’t Wear Helmets

Helmets are a matter of rider’s preference, and if you don’t want the helmet anymore, give it to someone who doesn’t wear a helmet. They might need one.

Not only will you bring more safety to those in need, but you’ll also be killing two birds with one stone by getting rid of an unwanted object while at the same time making room in your home or garage for something else.

15. Throw Away in Regular Trash

There is no recycling or other process that can be used to salvage helmets damaged in accidents or worn extensively. It means that even a helmet that still looks fine on the outside could be damaged and dangerous to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can you recycle motorcycle helmets?

Some companies that make helmets will take back old or damaged ones so they can recycle the materials themselves. You’ll want to check out the helmet manufacturer’s website to see if they have a section about returns or warranties.

If they don’t have a specific process in place for this, you can always reach out via email or phone call asking about how to return your old helmet so it can be recycled.

Q. Should you sell your old motorcycle helmet?

If your helmet is well-maintained and you haven’t had any accidents while wearing it, it’s probably safe to sell. But there are other things you can do with an old motorcycle helmet besides selling it.

You can keep it as a souvenir or donate it to charity.

Q. How long does a motorcycle helmet last?

Most helmets will start showing signs of wear and tear after five years. The longer and more accurate answer is that it depends on several factors.

The most significant factor to consider is how often you ride. If you ride your motorcycle often, the helmet will likely wear out faster than if you only take it out on the weekends.

In either case, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually want to replace your motorcycle helmet.


If you have an old motorcycle helmet, it may be time to get rid of it. Though you may think of it as a decorative piece, there are many more purposeful ways that you can re-use the helmet.

From cooking to crafting the perfect shot, we discovered some neat new ways to put an old helmet to good use. Perhaps you’ll find further help for your old helmet that we didn’t mention here.

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