Motorcycle Helmet Brands to Avoid

Motorcycle Helmet Brands to Avoid in 2023

Motorcycle helmet brands are a personal choice, so it is important to know the motorcycle helmet brands to avoid.

It is no secret that motorcycle helmets can save your life. A motorcycle helmet is designed to protect riders from head injuries in the event of an accident. Nevertheless, not all motorcycle helmets offer equal protection; some are better than others. Knowing which brands are the best is imperative because your head is on the line.

Buying a motorcycle helmet from a brand not known for producing high-quality helmets can be a significant mistake. An ideal motorcycle helmet fits your head correctly, is well ventilated, and includes an anti-fog coating on the visor.

This blog post will discuss motorcycle helmet brands to avoid and provide you with a list of safer alternatives worth considering.

Which Motorcycle Helmet Brands to Avoid?

Some helmet companies are indeed more reputable than others, but there are some you ought to stay away from. Below is a list of motorcycle helmet scams you should avoid.

1. Brands that have Poor Quality Helmets

Several motorcycle helmet brands have questionable quality control and may cut corners to make a profit.

Although these motorcycle helmet brands are inexpensive, they do not meet safety standards or US federal regulations. Purchasing these motorcycle helmets is not recommended because they will most likely break during a crash due to the poor materials used to make them.

On the other hand, you can choose a motorcycle helmet whose outer shell is ABS plastic, which is more impact-resistant.

2. Brands that have Safety Issue

Safety issues have been reported with some motorcycle helmet brands. Although they may pass a motorcycle helmet certification, they do not meet international standards.

Avoid these motorcycle helmet brands because they may not protect you adequately if your motorcycle crashes at high speeds due to poor manufacturing processes used when making them.

It is best to avoid such helmet brands since they are likely to cause serious injury, disability, or even death after an accident.

3. Brands that offer too Heavy Helmets

Don’t buy motorcycle helmets from brands that offer too heavy helmets. Since these motorcycle helmets are not comfortable to wear for extended periods, they will affect your riding performance.

It would help if you avoid these motorcycle helmet brands and instead opt for the lightest helmets to prevent neck pain since they will better suit your needs while riding on a motorcycle.

The following are examples of motorcycle helmet brands with weighty products:

  • Scorpion Helmet manufactures motorcycle helmets weighing over five pounds
  • Helmets manufactured by HJC Helmets can weigh up to three pounds

You should avoid purchasing one of these motorcycle helmets as the extra weight will make controlling your motorbike more difficult, which may cause you to crash at high speeds, resulting in severe injury or death.

4. Brands whose Helmets don’t Fit Properly

It is best to avoid motorcycle helmet brands whose helmets do not fit properly. It would be best to buy a motorcycle helmet that is adjustable and fits your specific needs at any given time since not all motorcycle riders have the same head size.

Some brands make helmets that can’t be adjusted, which will mean that they won’t protect you adequately if your head moves around inside of them during a crash or impact test since there won’t be enough padding around your skull to absorb the shock.

You should try out these motorcycle helmets before purchasing because they may be uncomfortable on your ears or sit too high on your head during use due to poor sizing practices.

5. Brands whose Helmets are Uncomfortable and Lack Proper Ventilation

In addition, you should steer clear of motorcycle helmet brands that have uncomfortable helmets. Motorcycle riders differ in their comfort preferences, so it is essential to purchase a helmet with proper padding to cushion your head during an impact.

Additionally, some helmets have poor ventilation features that make them uncomfortable to use on hot days.

Therefore, it’s better to avoid such helmet brands. As a result of the heat and sweat that may accumulate when you use a helmet for a more extended period, their helmets can adversely affect your performance on a motorcycle ride.

6. Brands that offer Helmets without Face Shield and Quality Visor

You should also avoid motorcycle helmet brands whose helmets have insufficient eye protections included in their design process.

When riding a motorcycle, the wind and debris that could hit you in the face will adversely affect your performance.

Furthermore, if your motorcycle helmet lacks this feature, it might fly off your head during an accident at high speeds due to wind resistance.

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7. Brands whose Helmet’s strap are not Adjustable

It is not advisable to buy a motorcycle helmet whose straps are not adjustable. These helmets may be too tight or loose on your head.

Because not all motorcycle riders have the same sized heads, you must choose a motorcycle helmet with enough adjustability to accommodate different sized heads.

Helmets from such brands may slip off your head and may not fit snugly around the back of your neck and jaw. The strap length may need to be adjusted if your weight changes over time, and then your Helmet will be useless.

8. Brands whose Helmets have Gaps in the Foam

It is recommended to avoid motorcycle helmet brands that offer insufficient cushioning in their helmets.

When you wear them for long periods, you may suffer from irritation on your ears or forehead due to sitting too close to the inner shell, which will affect your performance during a motorcycle ride.

Additionally, such helmets lack proper head protection due to the gaps in the foam, resulting in poor shock absorption.

9. Brands with too Expensive Helmets

Finally, you should avoid motorcycle helmet brands with too high prices, especially if it’s your first time buying a helmet, and a helmet is required by law in many states for safety reasons.

There is a possibility that you will pay more than the product really deserves in its current form when shopping for one. This might also affect your motorcycle riding performance because it is more likely these motorcycle helmets do not include all of the features required for proper safety while riding on two wheels.

Additionally, many motorcycle riders may not be able to afford such expensive helmets.

Wrap Up

When it comes to choosing the fitting helmet for you, quality is everything. Selecting the right Helmet will protect you, while an improperly constructed or faulty one could mean the difference between life and death. That’s why it’s important to know which motorcycle helmet brands to avoid.

We hope this article will help you find the safest, most protective helmet for your motorcycle riding needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which is the best quality helmet?
It depends on how often you ride and where you ride most often. For instance, if you’re someone who goes out every day, then an all-weather type would probably suit your needs better than something that’s explicitly designed for hot summer days.

  • To ensure that your motorcycle helmet is effective,
  • It has to meet specific standards set by authorities like DOT (Department of Transportation) or SNELL (Society of Automotive Engineers).
  • Prevents head injuries
  • Suitable for motorcycle riders
  • Design with style

Q. Which helmet brand is safe?
There are motorcycle helmet brands that have been rated as the safest motorcycle helmets on the market. These motorcycle helmets were tested by a third party and had to meet strict safety standards to be considered safe. Here are some of the safest motorcycle helmet brands:

  • AGV
  • Shoei
  • LS2
  • Bell
  • Shark
  • Arai
  • HJC
  • Vega
  • X-Lite
  • SMK Helmet

Q. Which type of helmet is safe?
A full-face helmet is safer than other types of motorcycle helmets.

Fit is the most critical aspect of a helmet. Helmets that don’t fit properly could be useless in an accident. You should be able to put them on snugly, but they should be comfortable when you move around.

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