How to Clean Non Removable Helmet Liner

How to Clean Non Removable Helmet Liner (Easy Steps)

All bike riders, regardless of experience, have to deal with a dirty helmet liner sometime in their riding journey. Most motorcycle riders don’t know how to clean a non-removable helmet liner.

Every helmet comes with a liner, an inner layer of foam, so the rider stays comfortable wearing the helmet. The liner integrates with the outer shell of a helmet to absorb shocks, thus protecting the rider.

This liner not only adds protection but also wicks away moisture inside the helmet. In other words, a helmet is not really of much use without a liner. I will show you the exact procedure I used to clean my helmet liner step by step.

Let me quickly explain why you should wash a helmet liner before discussing how to clean the helmet inside.

Why Do You Need to Clean a Helmet Liner?

On hot summer days, bike riding often causes your head to sweat, so the liner plays a vital role in absorbing this moisture. Moreover, the liner is constantly exposed to dust as well.

Sometimes you may be left with a stinky and dirty liner. One day you dislike the helmet you ride in. The only thing you need to do is wash your helmet liner to make it odor-free.

How to Clean Non Removable Helmet Liner?

Some helmets come with a removable liner, while some feature a non-removable liner. If your helmet has a removable liner, remove the liner or cheek pads and wash them in the washing machine. Clean the outer shell of a helmet and let the inner liner dry. Boom, you’re done with a job.

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What if your helmet liner is non-removable? The process of cleaning a helmet with a non-removable liner isn’t so straightforward.

The following steps will explain how to clean a non-removable helmet liner.

STEP 1: Take a tub and fill it with water

To begin with, you need a large tub that can contain the helmet. Add clean water to this tub. You can adjust the water level accordingly.

STEP 2: Add some Shampoo to the water

Now add some shampoo to the water. You can use the same shampoo that you used on your head. You have to use shampoo in sufficient quantity to clean your helmet liner.

Some people suggest using detergent, but shampoo is the best way to wash the liners. But you’re welcome to use any antimicrobial detergent. Make sure to mix your ingredients with the water thoroughly.

STEP 3: Immerse your helmet in a tub

It’s time to soak your helmet in a tub. I recommend removing the helmet’s visor or shield before submerging it in the water. Your helmet must be immersed in water for some time so that the water solution penetrates through the liner.

STEP 4: Wash the helmet

Wash the helmet liner with your fingers or with any towel. The towel might be challenging to move from place to place, but you need to do it to clean your helmet.

It may take some time, depending on the amount of odor and dust on your helmet. Once you’re sure the dirt has been completely removed, you can remove the helmet from the tub.

STEP 5: Remove the detergent from the liner and submerge in clean water

Now you have to rinse out the detergent from the liner. Replace the water solution in a tub with clean water. Using a clean water rinse or towel may help you entirely remove the shampoo from the liner.

STEP 6: Dry the liner of the helmet

Lastly, you need to dry the liner of the helmet. To dry the helmet liner, blow the air to it with the dryer.

The air fan can also help to dry the helmet’s liner. When I wash my motorcycle helmet liner, I sometimes let it dry in the sunlight.

After a while, the liner is cleaned and dried. The shine on a helmet may be noticeable. Now you can wear your helmet for riding.

Cleaning a Non Removable Helmet Liner with Spray

You don’t need to clean your motorcycle helmet all the time. It sometimes has a little dust on it, and to clean it, you do not need to go through the above steps.

A spray cleaner can do the job for you. There are various sprays available on the market, but make sure to choose a spray that is non-allergenic and non-toxic.

Once you have found the correct spray cleaner, spray the cleaning solution inside your helmet liner. After the spray is done, use a cloth or towel to rub the spray on the entire liner. Leave your helmet out for a while to let the liner dry. When it dries out, you can use it for your next trip.

Some riders also use a helmet cleaning kit to clean the non-removable liner.


The helmet liner acts as the shock absorber and, at the same time, keeps the rider comfortable. You may damage your helmet lining if you wash it with regular detergents.

Before cleaning your helmet, you should read the cleaning instructions. Make sure to check the product’s reaction with the helmet’s material before choosing any washing item.

You can watch this video to learn how to maintain and clean your motorcycle helmet properly.

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